Do that fighting thing.

"I’m trying to remember when I felt like this before. Like an elephant is sitting on my chest, like my throat is so tight and constricted that I can feel its tendons, like my eyes are 100 percent water, spilling out at will, down pathways on my face that have been dry for as long as I can think of. I’m trying to remember: When was the last time my heart was breaking?"
— Robert Lowe
"our demons play well together and our weirds are perfect together"

Dear 2014,

It’s gonna be a really tough year. I sense sleepless nights and broken promises. It’s gonna be a year of firsts and getting out of the comfort zone. It’s gonna be a year of travels. It’s gonna be a year of disagreements and things not going as planned. It’s gonna be an incredible, unforgettable year. I’m calling it now.

2014, I’m kind of excited about you.

not gonna lie, I have some pretty negative things I’d enjoy posting here all the time (good thing I don’t have a twitter..yet), but there’s some pretty ugly snow happening today and I don’t wanna leave this semi-warm dorm room, but the fact that it makes so many kids here happy makes me feel alright today.

praying hard.

there is no other way to find peace in this storm.

"because if i start i dont think i’ll ever stop."

Well, I think I’ve finally found my hiding spot on campus. Not even sorry about the cliche sunset picture. Can’t help it when He makes it so uniquely wonderful every single day.

please stop. i don’t want to be bitter.